8 Reasons To Visit China For Your Vacation

If you are currently trying to decide where to go on vacation this year, you might want to give China some serious consideration. After all, it isn’t just a great place to go to enjoy an adventure vacation, it’s also a country that is completely different to America, which makes it’s fascinating to explore and discover. So, here are eight reasons to visit China this year:

1. A Rich Breath of Culture

China is an ancient civilization which has a history spanning over 3,00 years. It is a place that has one of the richest breadths of culture on the planet. The Chinese language is leaps and bounds ahead of just about all other languages in terms of complexity and originality. Tai chi and kung fu also surpass Thai boxing and karate. You also need to remember China’s tea and cuisine cultures, poetry, opera, festivals, Chinese medicine, porcelain, and calligraphy.

2. Ancient Heritage

When it comes to size and number, China’s ancient treasures far exceed those of other countries around the world. You can see ancient palaces buried armies, the Great Wall, canals, city walls, temples, giant Buddhas, pagodas and more.

3. Natural Wonders

China is home to many natural wonders of the world. Think about the legendary Yellow Mountains, for example, with their charismatic pines and rocks surrounded by rainbow lakes and a sea of clouds. Many people choose to go on organized 7 natural wonders of China tours while they are visiting the country to ensure they see the best sights.

4. Chinese Food

Dishes from China are famous all around the world, however, you don’t get the true taste of food from the country until you sample the ingredients in the region. Each region in China has its own signature dishes. Some good dishes to try include Shanghainese soup dumplings, Beijing roast duck, Guilin rice noodles, Hong Kong dim sum, and Chengdu spicy hotpot. All of the top tourist cities have restaurants dedicated to showcasing the country’s best food to visitors from overseas.

5. Giant Pandas

Giant pandas are native to China and they don’t live anywhere else on the planet unless they are bred in captivity. Giant pandas are one of the world’s most endangered species making Panda tours in China particularly popular. If you go on the right tour, you will be able to get your photograph taken with a panda, but you can also get to spot pandas in the wild living in their natural habitat.

6. Diverse Ethnic Cultures

Four places to visit in China to experience diverse minority cultures are Guilin, Tibet, Guizhou, and Yunnan. There are more than 500 different people groups in China and 55 ethnic minorities. All of these groups practice a range of fascinating cultural customs.

7. State-of-The-Art Transport Systems

China has entered the digital era and is one of the world leaders in high-speed rail technology. You can travel from Beijing to Shanghai at 350km/h onboard a high-speed train. Traveling around the country really is easier and faster than ever before. That said, there are still many areas of the country untouched by modern technology that have strong, traditional cultural identities.

8. Direct International Flights

Despite the fact that China is a long distance away, the fact that there are many direct international flights to the four major cities – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Beijing – means it is very easy to access the country. What’s more, the 144-hour visa-free policy allows overseas visitors to enjoy short tours without the need to apply for a visa.

Presented above are 8 reasons to visit China for your next vacation. Keep in mind that there are dozens more and few people that travel to the country for their vacation regret their decision.