People tend to forget just how vast Africa is. It consists of countries with wildly diverse cultures and natural attractions. From the desert to rain forest and Savannah. From modern cities to rural villages Africa holds the promise of providing a holiday destination that will live in your memory forever.

However, unless you can put aside significant amounts of time (think months) and have very deep pockets to enable you to travel by air you will have to make some tough choices as to which countries you want to visit on the Mother Continent. Each country will have something unique to offer and the decision of where to focus can be daunting.

Here are a few few choices that may make the decision that little bit easier.

1. Morocco.

At the intersection between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea this is a country which is filled with both natural attractions and cultures which shaped not only the African continent but the world.

Fabulous cuisine which is a mix of Berber, European and Arab influences and architecture which will take your breath away – not to mention some of the best markets of the continent it’s a place that should not be missed. Highlights should be a visit to the city of Marrakesh.

2. Seychelles.

This is a taste of paradise. With 115 islands to explore you will are spoiled for choice. Just over 1,600 kilometers form the coast of east Africa Seychelles these granite islands are a haven for those who want to immerse themselves in nature.

For those who want to enjoy a unique glimpse of nature as it was prior to human interference the Seychelles is a place that will make every dream come true. Luxury boat charters enable visitors to explore the archipelago at their leisure and diving and snorkeling opportunities abound.

Crystal clear waters and pristine beaches and some of the most unspoiled habitats in the world make this a premier vacation destination.

3. Botswana.

For those who want to experience Africa in the days when European exploration of what was then called the ‘Dark Continent’ was in its heyday. Botswana is the ideal African destination.

The opportunities to explore unspoiled wildlife habitats is a lure that many travelers t Africa cannot ignore and Botswana is the ideal destination for a number of reasons. The Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and the magnificent Central Kalahari Game Reserve are only a few of the attractions that keep visitors coming back again and again. Experience an African sunset with Mother Natures own pallet and Botswana will be in your heart forever.

4. Tanzania.

Home to Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro (and who can avoid that Toto song – and why would you want to?) Tanzania has a wealth of offerings as far as wildlife is concerned. If you are adventurous and fit you can undertake a hike to the top of this peak – or you can sit back and relax and enjoy a wildlife spectacle second to none in the Serengeti National Park. Ot visit the culturally and historically significant island of Zanzibar.

5. South Africa.

One of Africa’s powerhouse economies this is a country that has it all. It’s not called the ‘Rainbow Nation‘ for nothing. Perched at the tip of Africa with cultures that are reflected in its 11 official languages this is a destination for those who want the best of both worlds. Ultra modern cities and natural beauty that will simply take your breath away.

Visit Cape Town and the famous Table Mountain or head further north and spend some time in the Kruger National Park and enjoy wildlife that includes the ‘Big Five.’ Enjoy world class wines and some of the best cuisine on the globe. This country has it all. Great beaches and exceptional nightlife make it the perfect holiday destination.

Africa has a lot to offer – put it your list of places to visit.

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