Zimbabwe Travel Bucket List – Top 5 Places To Visit

Any visitor to Africa should have Zimbabwe on the list of countries to visit. Stunning natural splendor, vibrant cultures, friendly people and destinations which provide an insight into the history of not only that country but Africa as a whole make it the perfect setting for a vacation that will live in the memory forever.

Zimbabwe is filled to the brim with opportunities for wonder – the problem for visitors is just where to go due to the fact that there is simply so much choice.

Here are five destinations in Zimbabwe that should be on any visitors bucket list.

1. Victoria Falls.

In 1855 explorer David Livingstone named the falls after the reigning British monarch – however the name given to this magnificent natural phenomenon by the Kalolo-Lozi tribe is Mosi-oa-Tunya – “the smoke that thunders.”

The sheets of mist that surround Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall make that name both evocative and apt. It is a truly awe inspiring sight.

2. The Zambezi River.

If you are in the vicinity of Victoria Falls then you are perfectly situated to enjoy the majesty and power of the Zambezi River. Here visitors can enjoy white water rafting, fishing for one of the world’s most hard fighting and iconic fish – the Tigerfish and also the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional meal and beverage at one of the many restaurants in the area – all while enjoying one of the world’s mightiest watercourses.

3. The Great Zimbabwe Ruins.

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are believed to have been built between the 13th and 15th century by the skilled masons of the Monumetapa Kingdom. It is a truly awe inspiring accomplishment. A guided tour is an absolute must in order to understand the dynamics of the culture which erected this magnificent attraction. A tour will reveal the complexity of the social structure of a culture which dominated sub Saharan Africa during the heydays of the Karanga cultural group (the forerunners of the Shona which today make up the majority of the Zimbabwean populace). This is an attraction which should not be missed by those who have an interest in the history of sub Saharan Africa.

4. Hwange National Park.

Zimbabwe is well known for the wealth of natural attractions that it offers up to visitors. Of course no trip to Africa would be complete without paying homage to the wildlife of this great continent. One of the best places to immerse yourself in this natural history is Hwange National Park. Just south of Victoria Falls visitors can expect sightings of some of the Big Five five including lions and elephant. The sight of these animals interacting with giraffe, antelope and hippo – and numerous other species is enough to provide memories that will have visitors longing to return to a continent that simply offers so much in terms of unspoiled wilderness.

There are a variety of accommodation options from tented camps which will bring you closer to the days of the early explorers (but still supply all the modern conveniences) to ultra lux camps that will make your stay an absolute pleasure.

5. Lake Kariba.

Spend your days and nights luxuriating on a luxury houseboat and be treated to sightings of incredible wildlife within easy reach of the lake. Apart form the sheer freedom and luxury of the houseboat experience there is also the chance to explore and cast a line in search of Tigerfish. A truly memorable experience.

Zimbabwe has so much to offer. If you are thinking of Africa as your next travel destination then do some research on what this magnificent country has to offer.

8 Reasons Why Cape Town Is The Best Place to Visit Now

Located on the shore of Table Bay, Cape Town, noted as the oldest urban area in South Africa. Developed initially by the Dutch East India Company for their Dutch ships to resupply with food and water, the first European settlement slowly began around the supply station.

Today Cape Town is a glistening city ranked 10th most populous city in all of Africa and one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It has become a tourist tick box on the most wanted to visit countries. Many things that differentiate Cape Town from other cities in the world and below we take you through 8 Reasons why Cape Town is the best place to visit.

1) The Big 5. Residing near Cape Town is the Aquila Private Game Reserve where you are likely to see the big five out of captivity (rhino, Cape Buffalo, lion, elephant, and leopard). The big five refer to the five largest animals in Africa in the one magnificent sanctuary. Living wild off the land does not guarantee that you will see all five, but the opportunity to see them in their natural setting is more than worth the visit, and the accommodation for those that stay for an overnight experience is pure luxury.

2) Table Mountain. While Cape Town sits on Table Bay, Table Mountain sits high above looking over the city and is one of the things that you should do while there. Dated at over 600 million years old the mountain looks down upon the town amidst its jagged peaks and among the floral kingdom that hangs to every open crevice. The views of Cape Town and the Bay are spectacular and combined with the trail holes, and other activities are time well spent.

3) Simons Town. This is where you will find the penguins. Part of the Table Mountain National Park, Simons Town did not start to make the area a penguin habitat, the penguins just moved in. Today they have their own designated boardwalks and swim with the bathers.

4) Robben Island. Famed as Nelson Mandela’s prison for so many years along with other political prisoners of the day, the island is steeped in history and worthy of reflection as you take in the buildings and the gardens that date back to the original settlers in the 1650’s.

5) Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. These botanical gardens include the Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway or “Boomslang” for short. Words cannot describe, only pictures can think of the magnificence of the experience

6) Cape Of Good Hope. Near Simons Town, the region contains deserted beaches, a myriad of bird life, fantastic views and hiking trails that pass by plunging cliffs and situated right next to the swirling ocean.

7) The Cheetah Outreach. This outreach project saves and protects the once wild cheetahs that are becoming endangered due to farmers culling to protect their crops. This outreach is a great way to get close to these noble animals, and if your timing is right, you may get to play with some of the Cheetah cubs.

8) Cape Town. Yes, Cape Town. As tourists, we are in such a hurry to find out what the region has to offer that we forget what the heart may have. Spend a day or two in the city with a guide and try some of the amazing food. It is a hugely multicultural city, get out and mingle with the cultures.

Cape Town is deserving of both your time and your attention and will reward you with memories that will not fade with time. Make the time and visit one of the pearls that this world has to offer.

5 African Countries That Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

People tend to forget just how vast Africa is. It consists of countries with wildly diverse cultures and natural attractions. From the desert to rain forest and Savannah. From modern cities to rural villages Africa holds the promise of providing a holiday destination that will live in your memory forever.

However, unless you can put aside significant amounts of time (think months) and have very deep pockets to enable you to travel by air you will have to make some tough choices as to which countries you want to visit on the Mother Continent. Each country will have something unique to offer and the decision of where to focus can be daunting.

Here are a few few choices that may make the decision that little bit easier.

1. Morocco.

At the intersection between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea this is a country which is filled with both natural attractions and cultures which shaped not only the African continent but the world.

Fabulous cuisine which is a mix of Berber, European and Arab influences and architecture which will take your breath away – not to mention some of the best markets of the continent it’s a place that should not be missed. Highlights should be a visit to the city of Marrakesh.

2. Seychelles.

This is a taste of paradise. With 115 islands to explore you will are spoiled for choice. Just over 1,600 kilometers form the coast of east Africa Seychelles these granite islands are a haven for those who want to immerse themselves in nature.

For those who want to enjoy a unique glimpse of nature as it was prior to human interference the Seychelles is a place that will make every dream come true. Luxury boat charters enable visitors to explore the archipelago at their leisure and diving and snorkeling opportunities abound.

Crystal clear waters and pristine beaches and some of the most unspoiled habitats in the world make this a premier vacation destination.

3. Botswana.

For those who want to experience Africa in the days when European exploration of what was then called the ‘Dark Continent’ was in its heyday. Botswana is the ideal African destination.

The opportunities to explore unspoiled wildlife habitats is a lure that many travelers t Africa cannot ignore and Botswana is the ideal destination for a number of reasons. The Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park and the magnificent Central Kalahari Game Reserve are only a few of the attractions that keep visitors coming back again and again. Experience an African sunset with Mother Natures own pallet and Botswana will be in your heart forever.

4. Tanzania.

Home to Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro (and who can avoid that Toto song – and why would you want to?) Tanzania has a wealth of offerings as far as wildlife is concerned. If you are adventurous and fit you can undertake a hike to the top of this peak – or you can sit back and relax and enjoy a wildlife spectacle second to none in the Serengeti National Park. Ot visit the culturally and historically significant island of Zanzibar.

5. South Africa.

One of Africa’s powerhouse economies this is a country that has it all. It’s not called the ‘Rainbow Nation‘ for nothing. Perched at the tip of Africa with cultures that are reflected in its 11 official languages this is a destination for those who want the best of both worlds. Ultra modern cities and natural beauty that will simply take your breath away.

Visit Cape Town and the famous Table Mountain or head further north and spend some time in the Kruger National Park and enjoy wildlife that includes the ‘Big Five.’ Enjoy world class wines and some of the best cuisine on the globe. This country has it all. Great beaches and exceptional nightlife make it the perfect holiday destination.

Africa has a lot to offer – put it your list of places to visit.

8 Reasons To Visit China For Your Vacation

If you are currently trying to decide where to go on vacation this year, you might want to give China some serious consideration. After all, it isn’t just a great place to go to enjoy an adventure vacation, it’s also a country that is completely different to America, which makes it’s fascinating to explore and discover. So, here are eight reasons to visit China this year:

1. A Rich Breath of Culture

China is an ancient civilization which has a history spanning over 3,00 years. It is a place that has one of the richest breadths of culture on the planet. The Chinese language is leaps and bounds ahead of just about all other languages in terms of complexity and originality. Tai chi and kung fu also surpass Thai boxing and karate. You also need to remember China’s tea and cuisine cultures, poetry, opera, festivals, Chinese medicine, porcelain, and calligraphy.

2. Ancient Heritage

When it comes to size and number, China’s ancient treasures far exceed those of other countries around the world. You can see ancient palaces buried armies, the Great Wall, canals, city walls, temples, giant Buddhas, pagodas and more.

3. Natural Wonders

China is home to many natural wonders of the world. Think about the legendary Yellow Mountains, for example, with their charismatic pines and rocks surrounded by rainbow lakes and a sea of clouds. Many people choose to go on organized 7 natural wonders of China tours while they are visiting the country to ensure they see the best sights.

4. Chinese Food

Dishes from China are famous all around the world, however, you don’t get the true taste of food from the country until you sample the ingredients in the region. Each region in China has its own signature dishes. Some good dishes to try include Shanghainese soup dumplings, Beijing roast duck, Guilin rice noodles, Hong Kong dim sum, and Chengdu spicy hotpot. All of the top tourist cities have restaurants dedicated to showcasing the country’s best food to visitors from overseas.

5. Giant Pandas

Giant pandas are native to China and they don’t live anywhere else on the planet unless they are bred in captivity. Giant pandas are one of the world’s most endangered species making Panda tours in China particularly popular. If you go on the right tour, you will be able to get your photograph taken with a panda, but you can also get to spot pandas in the wild living in their natural habitat.

6. Diverse Ethnic Cultures

Four places to visit in China to experience diverse minority cultures are Guilin, Tibet, Guizhou, and Yunnan. There are more than 500 different people groups in China and 55 ethnic minorities. All of these groups practice a range of fascinating cultural customs.

7. State-of-The-Art Transport Systems

China has entered the digital era and is one of the world leaders in high-speed rail technology. You can travel from Beijing to Shanghai at 350km/h onboard a high-speed train. Traveling around the country really is easier and faster than ever before. That said, there are still many areas of the country untouched by modern technology that have strong, traditional cultural identities.

8. Direct International Flights

Despite the fact that China is a long distance away, the fact that there are many direct international flights to the four major cities – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Beijing – means it is very easy to access the country. What’s more, the 144-hour visa-free policy allows overseas visitors to enjoy short tours without the need to apply for a visa.

Presented above are 8 reasons to visit China for your next vacation. Keep in mind that there are dozens more and few people that travel to the country for their vacation regret their decision.